Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Faye's of Copy of Level 1 Reading Responses Sheet

Reading Response

Name: Faye

Text Title: A Game Of Cards

Author: Witi Ihimaera         Text Type: Short Story

This written text is about (brief summary and purpose of the work)
-This story was about a old lady who had looked after a families house and land, she bought all of her children and their children along with the rest of the family together when it finally came for her time up. She had a (favourite) Mokopuna who had always visited her had come to visit her one last time. The one thing she always did was play a game of cards and when everyone came to her house for her death bed everyone was playing sort sort of game cards   

I really enjoyed this novel/short story/poem/non-fiction work/ article (please circle one) because:

Short story because it interested me because it brought family together and made things look sad and when someone most cared for was passing away everyone came and was brought together as a family again. This story was very familiar in my past life too.

In particular the plot or character or setting or theme or language features (choose one) interested me because:

Theme stood out in the story of how the story was described, How everything played out and made things turn sad, but when someone important was sick everyone got together and became and reunited and became a family once again witch made me happy. When Nani Miro died was sad.

Overall this text made me re-evaluate/consider/ think/ feel (choose one and provide evidence for your comment)

The overall text made me consider that family will always be with you but family member wont last for long, so to spend time with family members are important because you never know when your going to see them again. It is also good to have very close family around for the cherished moments you both have together.

Task 2: Exploring The Theme

Task 2 - Exploring the Theme

: Local spends more than $20k on pokies in six months

  • Locals have been gambling, getting addicted to spending big amounts of money with one one of the most popular gambles in New Zealand.
  • The causing of it’s addiction was spending money from $1 dollar to $20,870 dollars on gambling entries such as Lotto, Raffle Tickets, Scratch tickets like Instant Kiwi to gambling in pokie machines.
  • This gambling problem will affect with instead of paying for Bills, Groceries, School fees the money has been spend on pokie machines and gambling tickets.

: P Lab undetected for 7 years in Rotorua

  • A  32-year-old has been sent to jail for eight years. He was advertising a methaphetamines business commercial in a suburban Rotorua street he was undetected for seven years till finally caught.
  • He had been manufacturing P for seven years before being caught his neighbours found it a bit strange when he was very quiet but went out a lot at night, others neighbours said they saw a courier van go to the house about three times a week being strange too.
  • This action affected neighbours from having an interesting experience with police standing outside the house asking the criminal to come outside of the house, Close Families in shock of a member going to jail for drug reson. Himself for being sentenced for a eight year sentence and being charged $2.4 million worth of methamphetamine.

: Poverty gap a big issue

  • A Rotorua politician has found a growing gap between the Rich and Poor “ an embarrassment” to New Zealand. He commented on the Latest child Poverty monitor report that was released by Children’s Commissioner Russell Wills, found nearly one-third of the whole New Zealand children are living in poverty.
  • I think this issue is happening because of poor school attendance meaning losing education for future careers and dropping out of high school and getting pregnant early stating only getting low paid jobs causing poverty.
  • Meaning this issue will affect young teenages coming into adulthood and making bad choices to cause poverty around New Zealand.

:Mayor supports radical plan to tackle poverty

  • Rotorua’s Mayor has joined with two other mayors in action to tackle down ‘‘entrenched poverty’’ they are lobbying the government for funding to develop and help the district’s own solutions to its own problems. They are laning to proposing (demarcation zones) districts to try new ideas like welfare, health, education, employment and policing.
  • If the government/prime minister doesn’t take this idea and forward this idea it could affect district homes and make poverty a bigger problem. It could affect families and children not being about to go to school.

: Six burglaries a day in Rotorua

  • There are burglar’s are on the rise there have been figures of six burglaries in one day aimed around Glenholme has been recorded and stated by police and supposedly getting worse than other suburbs. They are coding now that theft will come under the crime of burglary and will be charged with the same consequence as burglary. ‘‘ Like a person walks down a drive and takes someone else’s sneakers/shoes off a balcony it is now called burglary instead of theft’’ .
  • This issue is growing and most thieve have been mostly aimed at younger people could be caused from poor money that parent can not provide their children with, having them theft because they want something that all the other kids want.
  • This issue can affect themselves (The burglar’s) and stop them from getting a job, effects on the people who got stolen from they cost more money on getting more stuff that got stolen and extra for security.

: Love soup Rotorua founder’s agonising decision to quit housing homeless

  • The soup founder’s who help housing homeless have decided to stop from the low funding and costing upto $320 dollars a week this couple can not cope with so many families going homeless so they have shut down and help the last 40 families in their books but won’t be doing anymore from all the stress they have gotten from dealing with other families.
  • This has been affecting the couple for quite some time now they have been helping out with families needing to go to the hospital from 1am to families showing up on their doorstep being homeless and having nowhere else to go.

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